You want me to eat what??

Fried Peanuts, you eat with the shell on.

Skeptical? No worries, I’ll go first. When we introduced fried peanuts here at we had a lot of push back about how we planned to devour them. Our suggestion was to tear the bag open, grab a handful of fried peanuts and stuff them into your mouth as quickly as possible. As you can imagine, this was a shock to several folks.

We had all known since we were kids that you had to take the shell off the peanuts. Continue Reading

Infuse your foods with booze

Many have tried. and failed.

Combining alcohol with beef jerky has been a dream for many and has typically ended in disaster. has the formula for infusing the dry meat you love with the flavor of the delicious drinks you love.


How, you ask? Did we make a deal with the devil? Did we invest millions into scientific laboratories? How else could we combine the magic of our favorite drinks with the joy of plowing through a bag of the finest beef jerky? Continue Reading