You want me to eat what??

Fried Peanuts, you eat with the shell on.

Skeptical? No worries, I’ll go first. When we introduced fried peanuts here at we had a lot of push back about how we planned to devour them. Our suggestion was to tear the bag open, grab a handful of fried peanuts and stuff them into your mouth as quickly as possible. As you can imagine, this was a shock to several folks.

We had all known since we were kids that you had to take the shell off the peanuts. Otherwise your end up with what feels like a mouth full of saw dust and salt. We have all been there, or else you wouldn’t be cringing when you read that and you probably haven’t done it since. Although you have probably thought about it from time to time.

Here’s the Game Changer

Our method for frying peanuts transforms the shell into a crispy, delicious coating as opposed to the gritty, gross mouth you dealt with years ago. To make things better we have a large variety of flavors. Original Salt, Garlic, Cajun spice, carmel coated (my favorite) and even salt and vinegar. We are sharing all the fried peanut flavors we are obsessed with you, our friends. So check them out and make sure you get enough to share.


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