Cheddar Popcorn

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You know when it happens. Your heart desires a deliciously savory, crunchy snack. But not just any snack. You need our Cheddar Popcorn. We understand your plight because we take traditional popcorn to a whole different place. By melting ample amounts of quality cheddar cheese and blending it into kettles of our fluffy, piping hot kernels, we transform an already toothsome creation into something we, and everyone who tastes it, simply calls heavenly. Satisfying and flavorful, when you want to make an impression, bring out our Cheddar Popcorn. Whether it is at the next football game, party, or other event that requires a premium snacking experience, it's the Cheddar Popcorn that will be remembered. Simply put, there's good reason why our cooking fires stay well stoked, so you might as well double your order because experience says, you are going to want more.

2.25 oz Bag

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