About Us


The folks here at Wild Dry love jerky of all shapes, sizes and flavors. We have lots of other great snacks to mix it up too! Premium flavor popcorn, fried peanuts and cotton candy. Buying snacks at a gas station has become unacceptable. We’ll only sell the highest quality snacks because, like you, we used to buy the gas station junk. Our dream for a better quality (and a ferocious appetite) drove the concept of Wild Dry from the basement dehydrator to a top of the line facility and to the internet.


Try our snacks and lets us know what you think. We are always working hard to create the best damn snacks you can get your hands on. Fill up your cart, fill up your stomach and keep coming back.

Contact us:
Phone: 937-404-5557
Address: 2844, East River Road, Moraine, Ohio 45439
Email: [email protected]

~ Wild Dry